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Hair Loss Myths, Propecia, and You: A Quick Look at Hair Loss Myths

Since the 1990s, propecia has helped a number of men stop hair loss and even achieve a full head of hair. But what causes hair loss?

Hair loss may be caused by fungal infections, pregnancy, underlying diseases, frequent weight loss and weight gain, and very tight hairstyles. Temporary hair loss may also be experienced by people who have just recovered from a major illness or a surgery, or those who have problems with their hormones. There are many myths surrounding hair loss, and one of the most common myths is that hair loss is a sign of old age.

This myth is false, since hair loss is very common among people aged 20 to 30 years old. It has been determined that those who lose their hair early in life may experience severe hair loss when they grow older.

Another myth of hair loss is that it is caused by trauma or stress. This is partly true; while emotional or physical stress is not the main cause for hair fall (people naturally lose a fair amount of hair daily), it can help speed up balding.

The third myth states that propecia can help avoid hair loss. This myth is true, since it has been proven by many clinical studies and customer reviews. This pill works best in men who have just begun hair loss or are experiencing gradual hair loss.

One more myth about hair loss is that wearing hats puts a strain on hair follicles, which makes them fall out. This myth is false, because hats do not harm hair follicles. Dirty hats, on the other hand, can cause scalp infection, which may eventually lead to hair loss. People who like wearing hats often can use a different hat every day or clean their favorite hat frequently.

Some people believe that hair loss can be inherited from their mothers. This myth is partly false, since it has been shown that men who have bald fathers are also more liable to get male pattern baldness.

Lack of nutrition in the hair and poor hair hygiene are also believed to cause hair loss. This sometimes leads to people washing their hair more often, since they think that the substances found in the shampoos would help stop hair loss. Others even apply several hair lotions and creams to give their hair the needed nutrients they believe it lacks. Unfortunately, this only helps increase hair loss, although they may boast of very shiny and fragrant hair.

Another myth that may cause a drastic change in a person’s appearance is that shaving one’s head would help stimulate hair growth. Again this myth is false, and those who dare do this may even damage their hair follicles and skin on the scalp, which would worsen the problem. These myths have been around for years, and there are still some people who believe in them. Instead of relying on these myths, one should turn to more tried and tested methods of stopping hair loss, such as taking propecia.